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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 22:51:39 PST
From: Colin Alexander 
Subject: TAB: Rivers of Babylon by Sublime

Rivers of Babylon by Train and also appears on the album
40 oz. to Freedom by Sublime
tabbed by Colin Alexander

here are the chords used

    G           D           C
|---3---|   |---2---|   |---0---|
|---3---|   |---3---|   |---1---|
|---0---|   |---2---|   |---0---|
|---0---|   |---0---|   |---2---|
|---2---|   |-------|   |---3---|
|---3---|   |-------|   |-------|

opening riff



By the rivers of babylon
Where he sat down
and there he wept
when he remembered Zion


oh 'fore the wicked (this might actually be 'It was the wicked' but        
I'm not sure)
carry us away captivity 
required from us a song
how can we sing King Alfa's song
      D          G
In a strange land
           G            D
so let the words of our mouth
              G           D
and the meditation of our heart
       G             D      now mute strings
be acceptable in thy sight
override (I'm not sure this line is right, any suggestions?)

repeat opening riff

play verse

now play chorus

how can we sing King Alfa's song
     D           G
in a strange land

well that's about it, thanks
Colin Alexander   [email protected]

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