Mary by sublime off the Robbin' the hood album

C         G
Maybe one breath away

C             G
I'd find the words to say

C             G
I'll sit and light the bong

C             G7
I'll hold my hit in real long

C                 Am   C      Am             F
I don't know if I can go  up inside you tonight

F              Dm           G          C
Oh Mary baby, please don't fuss and fight

C                 G
You've heard the line before

C                  G
Mary baby please don't think i'm a whore

C            G              
If you come home to me, turn off the

C                                        G        3/ 
lights and lock up the doors and start getting busy

C                 Am   C            Am            F
I don't know if I can go so far up inside you tonight

F             Dm      G        C
but Mary Baby, I could do it right

C           G  
When we got to the pad

C                   G
Mary baby started callin me her dad
and, she gave me head

C              G
We could not find the damn bed

C          Am          C             Am          F
15 years old plus one hotter than a microwave oven

F              Dm      G      C
Oh mary baby, daddy is coming home     

C  Dm  Am  G  F  G7
0  1   0   3  1  1 
1  3   1   3  1  0
0  2   2   0  2  0
2  0   2   0  3  0
3  x   0   2  3  2
x  x   x   3  1  3        [email protected]

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