KRS-1 By Sublime

This tune's pretty easy, there's a bridge that I didn't bother putting on, but it's only
F and G bar chords...enjoy. Any questions, reach me at [email protected]

 C	Am        Repeat 4X    F     G    F    G    E7

     C			Am		C	Am
At school they never taught 'bout hamburgers or steak

  C	  Am		C	Am
Elijah, Muhammed or the welfare state

 F	   F
				  C		 Am
And I know,                and I know because of Krs 1

(same as above)		G		    C
Yeah, and I know, and I know because of Krs 1

Verse 2:
Because he's droppin droppin droppin science, droppin history
With a whole leap of style and intelligency
Yes I know, and I know because of Krs 1.
ya and i know, and I know...

Because we don't wanna pay no money fee hear the same old sound
Watch and we'll take hip hop to a higher ground
cause i know, how do i know? and i know because of krs 1
ya and i know, and i know...


Ryan Bince
HBA1, Richard Ivey School of Business
University of Western Ontario
[email protected]

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