Song: Chick on my Tip
Artist: Sublime
Album: Second Hand Smoke
Tabbed by: Boy Wonder
	This is a sweet song that might look familiar to anybody with knowledge of blues.  
As always, you can expect Eric to improvise throughout the entire song but these are the 
main parts.  

	Main Riff

D|-------------------------- 2 ----|-------------------------------------|
A|--------------------- 2 ---------|-- 3 ---- 3 --- 2 --- 0 -------------|
E|----- 0 ---- 3  -----------------|-------------------------- 3 - 2 ----|

	Secondary Riff- this is a very common blues shuffle bass line.
	If you not ever played shuffle bass you may struggle with the rhythm.
	The notes are played long-short, long-short and so on.  It may help to say 	
	humpty- dumpty as you play to get the rhythm.

A|--------- 4---4-5---5-6---7-------|--------4----4-5----5-6---7---------|



As I said, I have not the ear to pick up all the variations.  This should help you get started.  
	Happy playing,
			Boy Wonder

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