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From: [email protected] (Dan Baderman)

Flash back time....  OK - I said it before but I need to repeat
this disclaimer - for those of you who want exact notes/timing -
get the recording.  I learned this puppy off an 8-trk tape ~15? years
ago.  I play the intro every once in a while when I'm fooling
around, and this is how I remember it.  I'm not even sure what the
name is.... the request was for _Madam Blue_, but then during
correspondance wrote (sweet) Madam Blue...   Anyways this is my

Sweet Madam Blue (STYX)
(as per d.badermans hazy memory....)

   down strum
 V  -> up strum

My brain hurts -someone else posted the following, and as I can't remember the
rest of the song, I will just include it.  NOTE: I am sorry I have no idea who
submitted the following - it was forwarded to me without credits...

>It's a variation on Bm:
>Repeat 1000 times while crooning softly. The power chord part is
>fairly easy to figure out: all Bm, A, G, D, and E


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