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From [email protected] Sat Jun 18 05:14 CDT 1994
From: [email protected] ( neil bergin xd/gk)
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 94 11:14:59 BST
To: [email protected]
Subject: CRD: Babe - Styx

Posted by: [email protected] (Marc Virata)


Words and Music, Dennis De Young

Intro: D6, Em7, D6, G/A,(?) A(?)
(note: the chords used in the intro on electric piano are ABDF# for D6
and GBDE for Em7.)

1st Verse:

Babe I'm leaving I must be on my way
Em7                 G/A   A
The time is drawing near
My train is going I see it in your eyes
Em7                      G/A   A
The love, the need, your tears
Bm                   Gmaj7 A
But I'll be lonely without you
Gmaj7                             A       G/A  A
And I'll need your love to see me through
So please believe me my heart is in your hands and
Em7     G/A     D6
I'll be missing you


G/A                  A      A/D
'Cause you know it's you babe
Whenever I get weary
         Bm    A
And I've had enough
          Bm      A
Feel like giving up
              D    A/D
You know it's you babe
Giving me the courage
        Bm           A
And the strength I need
Bm        A              Gmaj7
Please believe that it's true
             D6   Em7 D6 G/A A
Babe, I love you


Bb  C/Bb  Bb  C/Bb  D/A  G/A  D/A  G/A

Bb  C/Bb  Bb  C/Bb  G/A  A    G/A  A
				  You know it's...(back to chorus)

2nd Verse (almost as first)

Babe, I'm leaving
I'll say it once again
And somehow try to smile
I know the feeling we're trying to forget
If only for awhile
'Cause I'll be lonely without you
And I'll need your love to see me through
Please believe me
My heart is in your hands
'Cause I'll be missing you
Em7          D6
Babe, I love you
Em7          D6
Babe, I love you
G/A        D6
Oooh, ooh, babe

Chord formations:
D6    xx0202
D/A   xx0232
Em7   x20000
G/A   320003
G/D   320003
A     x03330
A/D   x03330
Bm    xx4432
Gmaj7 xx5432
Bb    xx3331
C/Bb  x32010

Any corrections or improvements, please send 'em my way,

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