подбор: Черемушкин Вован

Am                 Dm
Look around do you see, 
        G           Am
so many things have changed. 
               F       Dm
And you should know by now, 
         E                   Am  
I never meant to hurt you at all. 
G      Am          Dm
All my life I have been 
       G       Am
an outcast but now 
I've been reborn. 
    Dm    E            Am
And I see things so clear.
G              C
Open your eyes and realize, 
Dm                     E
Hard times are over if you want. 
G               C
Open your mind, reach for the stars. 
Dm                  E
Answer is there for us to find.
        Am F
Years go by,
      Dm                 E
never know when it's too late. 
        Am F
Years go by, 
    Dm                  E
yourself you seal your fate. 
      Am               F
Don't look the answer from horizon. 
       Dm             E
It's closer than you think. 
        Am F
Years go by, 
   E           Am
oh how they go by. 

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