Am	    G		    F		
Now is the time for you to close your eyes
Am		   G		F		D	
They've seen much pain it's slowly filling your mind
Am	   G		F	
Pretty as they are but now so pale
Am	     G			   F	Dm	G
You better leave all your worries far behind 

Not  long ago when you had the fire
Burning inside of you brighter than any flame
You are the one that I believed in
Keeping our hopes so high where are you now
What do you aim

C		Dm
Let me take you there
F		G
To the place you know
C		Dm
Why don't you dream with me
F		E
The answers will be found

Now it is time to open your eyes again
See how all the sorrows have disappeared faded away
I am right here waiting for you call
If you still need me to guide your pace
Through the days

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