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Date: Mon, 4 Sep 1995 21:32:49 -0500 (CDT)
From: I dream of genelee 
corrected/additions: David G Gels 
Subject: stone_roses	ightrope2.crd

This is my attempted correction of Gene's Tightrope by the stone roses.
He did all the work for this, I just came up with a couple chords where
he didn't have any......all credit goes to him....


You should have been an angel
   D               A
It would've suited you
      D 	    A
My gold leafed tripticu angel
      D         A        E
She knows just what to do

In the half light of morning
In our world between the sheets
I swear I saw her angel wing
My vision was complete

And I know I'll never want
A              	E
Another lover my sweet
Can there be more in this
World than the joy of just
Watching you sleep
I don't know just what to feel
Won't someone tell me my
E		D	A
Loves real
E		D	A

Are we etched in stone
Or just scratched in the sand
Waiting for the waves to come
      D A      E
And return the land

Will the sun shine all
Sweetness and light
Or burn us to a cinder
Our third stone satellite

I'm on a tightrope baby
Nine miles high
Striding through the clouds
      D      A       E
On my ribbon in the sky
I'm on a tightrope baby
One thing I've found
I don't know how to stop
           G     B     A
And it's a long long long
D       A    E
Long way down

Shes all that ever mattered
And all that ever will
My cup in runneth over
I'll never drink my fill
The boats in the harbour
Slip from their chains
And head for new horizons
Lets do the same

Input is welcome and appreciated....

					Dave G. Gels
					University of North Dakota

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