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From: [email protected] (John Spencer)
Subject: CRD: Mersey Paradise - Stone Roses

Mersey Paradise

G  C D C D    (C's and D's arpeggio'd)

River splashes against the rocks
       C         D       C         D
And I scale the slope I hope the tracks won't
Lead me down to dark black pits or
  C      D       C       D
Places where we fall to bits

If she were there I'd hold her down
      C       D       C        D
I'll push her under while she drowns and
Couldn't breathe and call for air
     C       D       C      D
She doesn't care for my despair

             G                     C
Or is it me? Am I the one that's wrong?
(one that's wrong) You see it in the sea
       G                C
river cool's where I belong
(no chord)         G
In my Mersey paradise

As I stare an oil wheel comes
 C      D   C     D
Sailing by and I feel like
Growing pins and falling in
           C          D         C     D
With the bricks, the bikes, the rusty tin I
Swim along without a care
     C      D         C      D
I'll eating sand when I need air you can
Bet your life I'll meet a Pike who'll
 C       D    C      D
Wolf me down for tea tonight

I want to be (I want to be)
                    C              D
where the drownings are (drownings are)

You see it in the sea
       G                C
river cool's where I belong
(no chord)        G
In my Mersey paradise

repeat chorus

(no chord)
Oh yeah

repeat chorus

I'm not sure about the key - any comments or corrections
most welcome.  Thanks to people on the net for the lyrics
(no attributions in the files...)
John Spencer
[email protected]

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