Thought that there was a lack of  Stone Roses' bass tabs, so this is 
a simple rendition of 'Daybreak' from the 'Secong Coming' album.  I 
don't even play bass - but it sounds good on an acoustic if you really 
get into the blues mood though.

E   00 5 00 5 00 3 4 5   
Repeat a few times then use the same progression on the A string.
     (This is all through the song with variations...)

when John starts to solo though, it's gets a little faster...
something like this,
E  00 55  00 55 00 33 44 55 00
  Repeat throughout most of the song i think, i usually just 
experiment around a few blues progressions though.

The following is in there somewhere aswell,

  A          5 5    3 
  D  5 5   3            pause....... 33 44 55 and back to the first

That's about it, simple but catchy.  Comments/corrections or just a 
chat to a fellow Roses fan: steve jones - [email protected]

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