Intro: C   Cmaj7   C7   F

  You stole my money honey
  You're cold your blood's stopped running
 C7                               F
  And know you're buying your new life

  (Repeat same chords for other verses)

 Am              C
   Pretend you're high and something
 D                C7                    F
   To think, you think I'm dumb, you're blind!

   I'll get by fine without you
   I lie about you
   You got no spine only mine
   Don't you know wrong from right
               C  Cmaj7
   It's up to you
                 C7  F
   You're such a fool

   Instrumental:  Am   F
                  Am   F

   (The rest is pretty sraight forward.  Just use the chords as shown before 
    for the right parts)

    End on C

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