Intro C for 4 bars

Verse 1

You stole my money honey
Your cold your blood stopped runnin
Fmaj9                        F
And now your buyin your new life...

Verse 2

Cant help but find you u funny
The clothes you wear are somethin
Fmaj9                           F
You made ur whole life boastin lies...


Pretend ur high on somethin
D7                           F
To think u think im dumb ur blind...

Chorus 1

Ill get by fine without u
I lie about u
Fmaj9                                            F
U got no spine only mine dont u know wrong from right
Chorus Tail
Its up to u...ooh oh oh

Verse 3

See im a giver taker
U loved ur cocaine chaser
Fmaj9                       F
The girls u love all sleep around...

Repeat Bridge

Repeat chorus 1

Chorus 2

You got no style about u
I try to like u
Fmaj9                                 F
I got no time for u now cos ur times runnin out...
Repeat chorus tail

Am / / / D7 / / / Am / / / D7 / / /

Repeat chorus 1 + 2

Repeat tail to end of song.

there we are, the chords for a great song off the new album. im a bit unsure
about the Fmaj9 chord but im sure the rest is perfect. The solo is pretty easy,
just work around the high E string at the 8th - 10th fret, easy stuff!

Any questions, email me at [email protected]

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