Hi people its ande again coz I noticed there woz no guitar tab for
'is yesterday tomorrow today.'
Oh before I get started id like to say that ever since I did the
T-shirt sun tan tab  ive had loads of emails askin me to tab
rooftop. Ive figured most of it out but there are sum bits I cant
seem to get but when ive got the whole thing ill tab it out.

Chords used (for u beginners)
   A     002220
   ASUS2 002200
   D     000232
   DSUS2 000230
   BM    224432
   E     022100
   G     320033

Im gonna try and explain the intro as best as I can.

Intro = A , ASUS2 ,A, D, DSUS2 D, A, ASUS2 A THEN D
(the A TO ASUS2 TO A is played with one stroke on each chord and
is also the same with D, DSUS2 thing) the final D in the intro
is played with 8 down strokes with no change what so ever.

A            D                      A                           D
Its another way to get through the day, Pickin up ripped cigarette
boxes hoping that one remains
              D                   A           D            A
yellow lucky day, suck deep and bathe for the next ten minutes
spent coughin all the pleasures craved

(through verse kelly duz do the switch that is dun in the
intro, that is also how I play it but it isnt necessary )

  BM                                         A
Write down all the thing that you'd like to say
  BM                                         A      E
Write down all the things that you'd like to change
  BM                                     A
Write down all the places you'd like to stay
Write down anything that you want.
      D                   A
Is yesterday, tomorrow, today?
      BM                                    A   BM7
Hey, hey, is nothing gonna change the way? Hey, hey

Verse 2 (exact chords as verse1)

Cracked rock top wall, left ash to fall, left alone to wait,
ive never  looked at things, ive liked only things I hate.
Your not the first today, not the softest face, was there any
that you liked, was there any that you didn?t fake?

 BM                                         A
Write down all the things that youd like to be
 BM                                         A     E
Write down all the things that you don?t believe
 BM                                         A
Write down all the places that youd like to see
Write down anything that you want.
    D                   A        BM
Is yesterday tomorrow today?
                        A        BM
Is nothin gonna change the way, hey

 A       D               E
Cause everything that?s you
 A                       D        E
And the things that you like to do
 A              D               E
And all of the things that are
      G     A            D
Come back again
            A             D
Come back again
            A             D
Come back again
            A             D
Come back again
Is yesterday tomorrow today


Well that?s it. There shudnt be any problem there if
there is u can email me at [email protected] it will sound
perfect if u do the switch with the A'S n the D'S. and even if
there isnt a prob u can still mail me with requests or whatever.
See u all with the next tab ANDE

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