Thought the previously posted versions of this song weren't quite up to scratch so I thought I would have a stab at it myself.


   B          B/A          E          E/F#

 --2--       --2--       --0--        --0--
 --3--       --3--       --0--        --0--
 --3--       --3--       --1--        --1--
 --3--       --3--       --2--        --2--
 --2--       --0--       --2--        --2--
 --x--       --x--       --0--        --2--

Intro & verse    B  B/A   E   E/F#     

B              B/A                 E
    Ever see a blind man cross the road
    Trying to make the other side?
B              B/A                 E
    Ever see a young girl growing old
    Trying to make herself a bride?

G#m                    F#
    So what becomes of you, my love?
B                        C#7
    When they've finally stripped you of,
    The handbags and the gladrags that your
Poor old grandad had to sweat to buy you

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