1. (D)Hurry up, hurry up, here we go,
   (G)All aboard 'cause we're hittin' the road,
   here we go,(D)
   (A) Rockin' all over the world (D) |(D)|

   (D)Gitty up, gitty up, get away.
   (G)We're goin' crazy and we're goin' today
    here we go.(D)
   (A)Rockin' all over the world (D) |(D) |

2.  (D)I'm gonna tell your mama what you gotta do,
    just (G) come out tonight with your dancin' shoes, 
    here we go. (D)
    (A)Rockin' all over the wolrd. (D)|(D)|

    (D)And I like it,I like__it,I like__it,I like__it
    I la_(G)_la__like__it,la la__it,
    here we go. (D) 
   (A)Rockin' all over the world. (D)|(D) |

This song is very easy to play, it's great for a beginer. Have fun!
By: Jimmy Scott

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