Date - 28/02/02
Author - Chris Love - [email protected]
Artist - Starsailor
Title - Poor Misguided Fool

Starsailors best song to date
E-mail me with any comments, changes, suggestions etc.
I am declaring this file all of my own work
Normal tuning
Capo on fret 4
I am not putting in the timing of the chords but it is very easy to figure out. If you are 
having trouble figuring it out just silence the strings on every 4th beat

Verse and chorus

G# -0---0---0---0--
D# -1---0---0---1--
A# -2---0---1---2--
F# -2---2---2---2--
C# -0---2---2---0--
G# -0---0---0---0--


G# -1---3---0---0---0---1---3---0--
D# -1---3---1---1---1---1---3---0--
A# -2---0---0---0---2---2---0---1--
F# -3---0---2---0---2---3---0---2--
C# -3---2---3---3---0---3---2---2--
G# -1---3---0---0---0---1---3---0--

It's as simple as that

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