Author/Artist: Staind
Title: It's Been Awhile
Album: Break The Cycle
Transcribed by: Eugene Prokopenko
Email: [email protected]

intro and verses:




There are three lyrical versions of the chorus in the song,
but the chord progression is the same for all three.  Here
is one version.

Am          Cmaj7          G6     Dsus2
  And everything I can remember
Am             Cmaj7          G6     Dsus2
  Is f**ked up as it always seemed
Am          Cmaj7          G6     Dsus2
  The consequences that I rendered
Am      Cmaj7          G6     Dsus2
  Gonna f**k things up again


Am                      G6    Dsus2
  Why must I feel this way?
Am                   G6    Dsus2
  Just make this go away
Am                        G6    Dsus2
  Just one more peaceful day

  Am  Cmaj7  G6  Dsus2

That's the song.  Tune down 1/2 step if you sound completely off.

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