Red on White by Stabbing Westward

Tabbed by Dave Bloom

[email protected]

I must admit, this song scares the *** out of me...
never doze off while listening to ungod...
it will get quiet, and ten red on white hits, you'll
wake up thinking it is WWIII

Pretty basic song...

Standard tuning...


The intro...
its keyboard or weird guitar...


The chorus...


After the last chorus just strum the D and E...
and the guitar will fade out as the drums fade in...
   The Words...

  Now I'm so tired, so so tired of working this out

  Going to give myself up, up to the truth of what this is,

  Of what I am

  Take from me all of my blood, take from me all of my head

  This is the best thing I can do

  Why is it me instead of you

  (I come down)

  Now this is real

  I can't go back, caught up with everything here tonight

  Going ot *** myself up

  Going to throw myself away

  Going to give this to you

  Give you what I've become

  First red on white then red on red

  I left my sould back in my bed

  This is the best thing I can do

  Why is it me instead of you

  (I come down)

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