Spunge - No Woman No Cry
Tabbed By: Dave (left handed Bassist)
EMail: [email protected]

This is 21 kik ass cover and need to be tabed so hear it is 

very siple but very kool

Untill destorted Guitar comes in and Verses 

g ---------------------------------------------5----7--------------
d --33--22----------------33-22--------------33---55---------------
a ---------3/0-------------------3/0-------------------3/0---------
e ----------------2-3-55--------------2-3-55-----------------2-3-55

Repeted a few times

Chorus with destorted guitar

g ---------------------------------------------
d ---------------------------------------------
a --3--3--3-3----------------------------------
e ------------3--3--3-3-5--5--5-5--1--1-1-3-3-3
Repeted a couple of times

Last verse thingy thats very kool

g -----------------------
d --2-3-5----------------
a -3-------2-3-5--4-5-7--
e --------3------5-------
Repeted a couple of times


Pikin the notes hard 

g -----5----
d ---5-------
a -3-------- 
e ----------

And thats prety much it just listne the the song and ushould get it

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