right, it's probably the easist song i know not using the 3 chord
trick. it goes like this.....

Oh baby,baby.
     E                 C
how was i supposed to know
  D               E
something wasnt right?

Oh baby, baby
     E                  C
i shouldnt have let you go
     D              E
now you're right outside    ( blah blah blah......)

An thats how it goes all the way through the song just,  Am E C D E
am only 14 an even i think its easy!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway why is a 19 year old girl goin on tele sayin 'hit me baby'
(horny cow!)
 any comments, corrections,ehhhh... spelling mistekaes you'll get
 me at:
          [email protected]

       Don't have acow man!     Seeee  Yaaaa!!!!!

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