Song Title: I'm not a girl, not yet a woman.
Artist: Britney Spears
Tabber: [email protected] lusiano

This is a 'simple to follow' chord sheet to help you to play this song like the
producers themselves. I'll tab this as simple yet correctley as I can. I'm really
a piano player, but this can helpful for those who want to quickly learn to play
this nice song.

The key is in F then transposes to G, the Bridge is in C#


Melody notes- F-A-Bb
            - All the while playing F for the base   (Play it twice)
           F- Bb     Gm7        C           F9- Bb   Gm7- Bb/C   
I use to think,      I had the answers to everything,            but

 C        F- Bb         Gm7          C     Am     Bb     C    Gm
now I know,       that life dosen't always go my way,  Yeah, feels

                         C11- C    Gm               C11- C
like i'm caught in the middle,    that's when I realize....

Chorus 1:
            F- Bb,  Gm7,  Gm7/C     C       F- Bb,  Gm7- C
I'm not a girl,                 not yet a woman,            all I

Gm      F/D     Gm             F/D   Eb         Bb       C,- C11/D,- 
need is time, a moment that is mine, while i'm in between.

Verse 2:
    C/E    F- Bb   Gm7          C               F9- Bb
I'm not a girl,    there is no need to protect me,      it's time 

      F- Bb   Gm7            C        Am      Bb- C      Gm 
that i,      learn to face up to this on my own,    I've seen so much
                 C11-  C            Gm                     C11- C
more than you know now,    so don't tell me to shut my eyes........

Chorus 2:
             F- Bb,  Gm7- Gm7/C      C      F- Bb,  Gm7- C
I'm not a girl,                  not yet a woman,            all I 

Gm        F/D    Gm             F/D   Eb         Bb      C,- C11/D,-
need is time, a moment that is mine, while i'm in between......

    C/E    C#,- Ab/C,- Bbm        Eb            Fm,- Eb/G
I'm not a girl,        but if you look at me closely,     you will

Ab            C#,- Ab/C,-    Bbm                Bbm/C#      
see it in my eyes,      this girl will always find,    

      F- Bb (intro chords twice)
her way.......

CHORUS 3 :(Shifted up a key to G major)

           G              C                   Am7         Am7/D,-  
I'm not a girl (i'm not a girl don't tell me what to believe),      

     D7    G                 C             Am7        Am7/D,- D
not yet a woman (i'm just trying to find a woman in me yeah), 

      Am       G/E            Am          G/E   
all i need (oh all i need is time that's mine), 

F           C      D,- D11/E,-     D/F#   G        C   Am7
while i'm in between,          I'm not a girl (a girl, not yet a 

  Am7/D      D7     G          C       Am7     D    Am
woman), not yet a woman (i've found a woman in me), all i need is 

G/E     Am             G/E   F           C        D,- D11/E,- 
time, a moment that is mine, while i'm in  between.....

    D/F     G- C         D11/E,- D/F    G- C
I'm not a girl...........      huuuuuuuuuu    

    C(add D)/D      G   
not yet          a woman

to configure these chords they are played from the first note being the lowest to
the highest.

 (F9)-  in order- F,G,A,C
(C11)-  in order- G,C,F 
(Gm7)-  Play Gm but adding F
Split chords- eg.- F/D means play the first note (which is F as chord and the
second note as a base note with your left hand.

If there are any corrections or add ons you'd to add then go for it. Any requests
for songs to get tabbed then mail me at [email protected] and give me a good

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