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From: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 1996 13:53:04 -0700

My Wave
By Soundgarden
Transkripted by Eric Johansson ([email protected])


   GGG   GGG    GGG  (d on b-string)  G ( )   G   ( )        GGG         
   G   AA    EE

Then play this chords    (Barre)   (”after intro”)
GGG    AA   E E   GGG    AA    EE    Repeat this during the verses

Take, if you want a slice
          if ......



Now play the intro
Donґt come over here
and piss on my gate
save it just keep it
off my wave

”After intro”




Play intro

Donґt come over here ......
During   Keep it off my wave (3 times)


My wave

     G              A      


Then play this 

A  AA    A     AA      G

S= slide    i hope itґs right

then back to the ”after itro”

Donґt .,......

Play the same as before

The song all ends whit this

B--5--4--1-1-1---3--1-1-----many times

I hope you understand something. If you listen to the record it will be 
much easier.
Thats all for now. Eric the guitar hero.

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