Snow Patrol

tabbed by Joe Weissman

G#m				A	E
Don't be scared of anything at all
G#m				A	E
Everything we have is all we need
G#m		 			 A		E
All the spotlights streaming into angry skies
G#m					A	  E
Means there's no one watching as we leave

Say the first thing that
Dsus2					E
Comes into your mind when you see me
C#m						Dsus2
If it looks like it works and it feels like it works
Then it works
With the sun on your face
Dsus2					E
All these worries will soon disappear

Just follow me now

G#m				A	  E
I find careful patterns in the snow
G#m		  			   A		  E
It seems you did come round but changed your mind
G#m					A	E
If you'd just take ten more steps to me
G#m		  A		E
I won't ever ask you again

C#m				Dsus2			    E
Just because I couldn't say doesn't make me a liar
C#m				  Dsus2
I noticed a change in the tone of your voice
It's so clear
My role in this mess
	 Dsus2			E
Is not something that I can be proud of

But it's all going to change

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