A                    Hm
Jeanette was a dancer
Suppose I knew her well
Her feet danced miracles
I was deep within her spell

Jeanette loved a singer
Who was the leader of some band
Looked just like a boy
And stood just like a man

And it rains on
Down deep
C#m E   E Hm C#m E
Yes it rains on
Down deep
         Hm      E
Just for you boy (x2)

The kids in the backstreet cried
The voices in your brain
A world full of hungry souls
Behind the window pane

Little Jenny on the high wire
So emotioned as she felt
Sometimes I think that the wires mean
The tragedy as well


I walked on the west-side
Jeanette I pulled your strings
I stood on the pavement
Never doing a thing

Still I'm a singer
I know my songs so well
The rain falls through my eyes
Lands below the share


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