Intro: A E D E A  A E 

  A                        E 
I saw her one morning in a warm morning light.
 D              E            A
She looked as sweet as could be.
Something inside me said she was the one
Who would be marying me.
But it´s...

D                     A
Talking her round to see in my way,
 E                              A 
Trying to convince her and it´s taking all day.
Thinking about what she might do and say,
Hoping to God that she sees it my way.


I asked her her name and she said it was Joy.
I asked her if she liked some joy with this boy.
She said that she might try it out just for fun.
I think I convinced her now the fun just begun.
But it´s...


 D        E             A   
See her above me brings warmth to my body
    D                E            A 
And touch her brings light to my soul.
          D            E            A       
And when she´s in the room I can´t see anybody,
     D                         E      F
I´ll love her till we both grow old.

     B                           F 
It´s funny how love strikes and still you don´t know
        D#              F             B                 
If it´s right, if it´s wrong, if it´s fast, if it´s slow.
But one thing´s for sure, she´s the best piece i´ve seen
I know when she´s coming, I know where she´s been.
But it´s...


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