Intro: D Hm G A D

Running scared cause I'm loosing your love
In these days I got used to your love.  <<- Не уверен в правильности слов.
G                             A    D
Now it's gone, but what can I do?
If you go I don't know what I'll do.
Don't you know that I'm crazy for you.
    G                                A
I'm so afraid you'll tell me we're thru.
             D              Hm 
I'm running scared, running scared,
G  A             D
Oh, oh, running scared.

Hm                            F#m 
I thought I've found a perfect love.
        G               D         Hm 
You were everything I dreamed of.
But the feelings dying day by day
   G                                     A  
And I just stand and watch them slipping away.


                  G D G D A
Oh, Yeah, Yeah...

There are some things you just can't hide.
When you turn away I die inside.
Now you don't want me like you used to do.
And I see it in your eyes when I reach out for you.

Chorus. (x3)

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