Intro: C G Em F C G C G

C                            Em            C
I used to know her well when we were kids
                          G             F
I still remember all the things we did.
                         C              G
And now the grey has gone and I´m alone
            F           C    G 
I´ll find a way to carry on.

She had a power on me through all my days
We loved each other in so many ways.
But now she´s gone from me that´s the price I had to pay
I´ll keep on loving her each day.

C                  G  Em                   Am     F
Now you think you know the trouble with my heart
                 G                     C     G
You tried hard to use it then tore it apart.
And as time goes by my memory goes on
The love that we shared I know now has gone.

C G Em F C G C G

I get so tired of having sleepless nights
I try to tell myself that I was right
I live in hope to find her by my side
Till then I´ll try to keep alive.


C G Em F C G C G...

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