Intro: A Hm E A E 

         A                            Hm          
I can't stay at home when the night is calling
I've got lots of friends to join me for the 
  A    E
        A                         Hm 
There's no one there, you can stop calling,
           D       Hm             E
Cause your love is like a missing link.

       A            		    Hm
Baby I miss you, when the memories creep into my mind.
       E                       A
Baby I miss you, tears of desperation make me blind.
Baby I miss you cause I left the good times way behind.
       E                    A         E
Baby I miss you, I wanna be with you.

I will miss the chance looking for a new life
Searching for the girls when the day is gone
But I feel my heart is looking for a true love
And I know you're the only one.


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