Intro: A E Hm A C#m E A

         A          Asus4 
When the first time I saw you
     A           Asus4 
On a cold winter´s day,
       A             Asus4       E  
I was trapped between heaven and hell.
And I really tried hard 
To escape from your eyes,
       C#m                      E   
But my heart was too weak and I fell
For you.

I knew nothing about you,
But I just didn´t care,
In desire for you I was caught.
And I promised myself
I will never give up.
I had no chance at all, but I faught
For you.

A E Hm A C#m E A

        H       Hsus4  
Then we had a few lightyears
     H          Hsus4  
In a land we call love    
         H        Hsus4       F# 
And your kiss was a dangerous gift,
But my soul was addicted
To all that you gave
      D#m                        F#  
And I prayed and I cursed, but I lived 
For you.

When the last time I saw you
On a cold winter´s day,
Oh, I felt such a deep pain inside,
That I wanted to hide it 
Away from your eyes,
But my heart was too weak and I cried 
For you.

H F# C#m H D#m F# H

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