This song is awesome.  I've not seen a tab in here for it so i thought i'd have
a go.  This is my first tab so sorry if it's totally wrong.  The riff I'm pretty
sure is accurate but the chords may need a bit of alterating. If you find any
faults with it please tell me.

The chords are:

G(320003)     These are the verse chords you can play these instead 
C(X32010)     of the riff if you wish.


Em(022000)     By chprus im refering to the part where it goes
Em/D(022030)   'Do you really think she'll pull through' bit  
C(032010)      This is what I am least sure of it sounds a
C/D(030010)     bit odd.

Finally this is the riff that seems to be played pretty much the whole way through the song.

G| 0-4-2-3-5-4-2------------------------------

There other variations of it which u can play like up around the 9th fret
of the D string.  I tabbed it for here because i feel it sounds better here.

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