this is only the intro, im workin on the rest but i just thought id get this up,
so all you SES fans out there could play at least this much of it, keep checkin
back for the rest, peace

half step down 
   +   +   +   +     +   +   +   +     +   +   +   +     +   +   +   +  
e :-0-----0-----0---|-----------------|---------5-------|-----------------|
B :---6-----6-----6-|-----6-----6-----|-----8-----8-----|-----------------|
G :-----7-----7-----|---7-----7---7---|---7---7-----7---|---10----9h10----|
D :-0---------------|-8-----7-------7-|-5-------------5-|-10----10-----10-|
A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|8-----7----------|
E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|

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