the crying tree of mercury


this is the song iґve been singing my whole life 

iґve been waiting like a knife 

To cut open your heart

    F                G
And bleed my soul to you

  F              Am 
I did it all for you

You and you and you and you

this is the sound iґve been making my whole life 

iґve been waiting for this night 

To clear up all the talk

             F            G
Although I'm selfish to a fault

      F                    Am 
Is it selfish?  It's you I want

you i did it all for you 



G               F                G        
This love, will stand as long as you     

        F         Am                      
There's really no excuse                  

You I did it all for you

These are the tears I've been crying my whole life

Like an ocean of desire

I'm reaching through the noise

Across the dusk of time

Within the lilting light

I am singing out to you

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