Smashing Pumpkins - The Airplane Flies High,Turns Left Looks Right
Tabbed By: R. P.
EMail: [email protected] (questions?, harrassm

Thirty-Three single
The Smashing Pumpkins (the nice tits)

Im kinda new to the guitar, so bare with me cuz' noone else would tab
this easy but great song. Im not sure about this since most Pumpkin's
songs have 'drop D' tuning, and the electric(s) used for this dont sound
like it. I think its one standard tuned electric,and one other acoustic
/electric with 'drop D'. Theres a great acoustic outro on this song but
Im only giving the main riff, with some wish in mind of seeing some one
else finish this up for my gratitude and/or worship.
Thats my banter (please excuse).



Either sounds alright, maybe right in the middle of the two would be
ok. But im just a keyboardist, so scrutinize if you must.
enjoy!                                                  -for isis

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