smashing pumpkins
album: siamese dream
submitted by m. burgess

Tune or Capo up 1/2 Step:  F Bb Eb Ab C F  

Chord Fingerings:
   A  Bm7 D  G  Bm E  F#m
E| 0  2   2  3  2  0  2
B| 2  3   3  3  3  0  2
G| 2  2   2  0  4  1  2
D| 2  4   0  0  4  2  4
A| 0  2   x  2  2  2  4
E| x  x   x  3  x  0  2

Fig1   (Intro, Guitar 1)
  A                                 Bm7

Fig2   (Intro, Guitar 2)
   A                                Bm7

Fig 3 (Cont. Intro, Guitar 2)
  Bm7             D            Bm7			  D	      Asus2  F#m
Fig4 (add this after all of the D chords in the intro and verses)
A|--4-5-4----|    or     G|--6-7-6----|

Fig5 (guitar solo)


Fig6  (Ending, Guitar 2)

Fig 1&2 >2x over:
|A |A |Bm |Bm |
Fig 2 over:
|Bm7|D |Bm7 |D |  
|A |F#m |D |D |

|A |F#m |D |D |
|A |F#m |D |D |

A                            F#m
Fool enough to almost be it  Cool enough to not quite see it
D        D
A                                    F#m
Pick your pockets full of sorrow and run away with me tomorrow
D      D

      Bm      G        D
We'll try and ease the pain
    Bm        G        D
somehow we'll feel the same
E    F#m    D     E         F#m     G
no   one   knows  where our secrets go

A                                F#m
I sing a heart to all my dearies When your life is so so dreary
D        D
A                                      F#m
I'm rumored to the straight and narrow While the harlots of my perils
D       D
A        F#m       D            D
And I    fail but  when I can I will
A         F#m               D       D
Try to understand that when I can I will

|D |A |D |A |Bm |D |G F#m |E |

A                                 F#m
Mother weep the tears I'm missin  All our time can't be given
D      D 
A                                    F#m
Shot my mouth and strike the demons  That cursed you and your reasons
Out of hand and out of season
Out of love and out of feeling   

A      F#m
So     Bad
       D       D              
When I can I will
A              F#m
Words defy the plans
       D       D          
When I can I will

A                           F#m
Fool enough to almost be it Cool enough to not quite see it
And dull enough to always feel it
Always old I always feel this  
A                               F#m
No more promise no more sorrow  No longer will I follow
Can anybody hear me
D              A       F#m
I just want to be      me
           D       D
And when I can I will
A            F#m
Try to understand
            D       D    
That when I can I will

Fig1,6 over:
|A |Bm |A |Bm|
|A |Bm |

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