by Smashmouth
Tabbed by John Lofgren Oviedo FL

Bb                fm     F#
i'm looking at my watch
                             g#     Bb
and all the time that's been stolen
Bb                  fm   f#
when i was carrying you
                              G#      Bb
it seems i'm tripped and i've fallen
Bb                   fm    f#
don't want no one to ache
                      G#     Bb
oh to be drunk and forgetful
Bb                   fm      F#
to get out of this unscathed
oh to be free and inhuman
f#       g#    a#m     b     
some may say i love to play
         c#                 f#    F#-G#
when the chance is there to take

i'm mopping up the floor
the messy recipes of romance
i'm packing up the pots
too many cooks in the kitchen
some may say i love to let
a good thing go to waste
i let it go to waste  (repeat)
i'm lookin at my watch
and all the time that's been stolen
when i was carrying you 
it seems i've slipped and i've fallen

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