you guys i sat down on day when i was bored a picked this out and it isnt the
whole thing but it was a hell of a fun time! this is my second tab now and hey
you gotta asmit this is good for a 13 yr. old! well thanx every1 and email me
@ [email protected] and tell me hwo it is

                           ~all star~

G---0-----2-0-0-------2-2-0-0-0-------2-2-0-0-----0-0------2-2-0-0-------2 x2

hey i ran outta of time if you want the rest of this song just email me and i
will tab the whole thing for you! remeber im only 13 and this only my 2 tab so
if its off dont be too harsh and if you notcie its off could u fix and then send
it to me so i could have it the right way. thnx

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