8th October 2000, 5.48pm
Shaun Hand, Birmingham.


From the LP 'The Autumn Stone'

This is a weird song to play 'cos it's got a weird structure,
  but it's easy enough to play once you got the hang of it.

Chords used:

E:         022100
F#madd11:  244200
D:         xx0232
A:         x02220
E:         xx6454 (used when the chords go E B D A)
B:         x2444x

E F#madd11 E (x4)

      E        F#madd11 E
I was nowhere,
D                          A
Til you changed my mind.
                           E             F#madd11 E
Love is sent through being good to you.

E F#madd11 E

F#madd11 E               F#madd11 E
Then you were somewhere,
Somewhere hard to find,
A                               E       F#madd11 E
Only what you always were, it's true.

E F#madd11 E

E                  B
I'm looking for an open door,
D                   A                 E        F#madd11 E
Where I can sit and play in peace and quiet.

E F#madd11 E (x3) D A

E F#madd11 E (x4) D A
                               } flute solo.
E F#madd11 E (x2) E B D A

E F#madd11 E (x2)

  E                F#madd11 E
Tomorrow changes.

E F#madd11 E

Fields of green today,
A                             E       F#madd11 E
Yesterday is dead, but not my memory.

E F#madd11 E

        E          F#madd11 E
We were strangers.
And then you came to stay,
    A                                    E     F#madd11 E
The sweetest spring old morning sings to me.

E F#madd11 E

E                   B
So now I've found a living sound,
     D                         A                  E    F#madd11 E
That moves, that breathes, and then makes love to me.

E F#madd11 E

(speeds up w/acoustic guitar solo and jaw's harp)

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