itchygoo park
small faces

capo 2nd fret

G      Em      Bm      F       C
3      0       2       1       0
0      0       3       1       1
0      0       4       2       0
0      2       4       3       2
2      2       2       3       3
3      0       #       1       #

G      Em

riff 1

   G              Bm
(1)over bridge of sighs
(2)tell you what ill do            (what will you do)

   F               C(riff 1)
to rest my eyes in shades of green
id like to go there now with you

G              Bm
under dreaming spires
you can miss out school            (wont that be cool)
F               C
to itchygoo park thats were i
why go to learn the words of fools

pre chorus
   G                       F     C
(1)what did you do there  (i got high)
(2)what will we do there  (well get high)

what did you feel there   (well i tried)
what will we touch there  (well touch the sky)

but why the tears there    (ill tell you why)

G           Em      (C)
its all to beatiful

 G        F/Bb      F     C       G
                                 )1xbridge       )2xbridge
-3----------------------5-----3- --------------- -----7---7---7-|
----------------------6-----5--- ---0---0---0--- ---------------|
--------------------5-----5----- --------------- -5s7---7---7---|
--------------3--3-------------- -----0---0---0- ---------------|
------------1------------------- --------------- ---------------|
-3--------1----1---------------- -3------------- ---------------|

G                  Bb
i feel inclided to blow my mind
F             C                        G
get hung up not feed the ducks without bun

G                 Bb          F     C     D

G                  Bb
they all come out to groove about
F                   C           D
while i search have fun in the sun

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