20th December 2000, 8.24pm


From the LP 'The Autumn Stone' (Immediate, 1969)

Written by Steve Marriott and Ronnie Laine

I think most of the lyrics are right but there's the one bit
  I just can't suss.

Chords used:

E:     022100    Em:  022000
D:     xx0232    G:   320033
A:     x02220
Asus4: x02230
C:     x32010

E D A Asus4 A E

E            D         A             E
Oh can't you see, it's not me you're looking for,
E           D      A            E
I'm not the one to show you the way,
    E         D       A            E
The answer is you, it was and will always be,
    E         D        A             E
The answer is you, and certainly not me.

N.C. (E)

     E          D       A          E
It's not this I say for wanting to hurt you,
E          D       A          E
But this I say for wanting to help,
E              D         A             E
Please see the good, and don't see the bad in me,
    E            D       A           C
The good and the bad are both in yourself.

Em G A (x2)

Em                           G         A
Oh, please don't grow, don't grow to depend on me,
Em                     G             A
Don't lean on me cos I might let you down.

E D A E (x2)

E          D      A          E
Make (???) now, tomorrow may never be,
E          D       A           E
Make (???) now and don't turn around.
    E            D            A             E
But look for the light that's so bright you cannot see,
E            D         A              E
Look for the light and don't look for me.

E D A E (x6)

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