Skunk Anansie, Tracy's Flaw
Mauro, [email protected]
Artist: Skunk Anansie
Album : Post Orgasmic Chill
Title : Tracy's Flaw

Tabbed by Mauro Da Col
[email protected]


           Am                C
And when i feel like i'm the victim,

            F               E
i will come running home to you, 

	   Am               C
and i will weep like i will change, 

            F               E 
when i come running home to you, 

             F                E 
I make you believe that i'm a changed girl,

         Am    C/G      D
that i'm hones good and pure,
	  F                   E
then i'll drag you through my shit again, 

       Am          C/G     D
'cos i know you'll love me more. 

	        F               E
I love how your world adores my gutter mind, 

        Am      C/G     D 
this reflection says it all,

              F7            G
so now I will let you go my baby, 

let you fall. 

Repeat Verse ...(x1)


And all of your rosy scarred up wrist bands,
make me crucify you more, 
with all of your blood, encrusted small finds,
kiss restraint and it's just cause. 
I'm the whore you knew I was,
look at the changed girl good and 
pure, on tracy's floor. 

chorus: (x8)!!

B             G                  G#
    i'll come running, i'll come running,

              A             A#      B  
    i'll come running right back to you. 

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