Skunk Anansie, Lately
Mauro, [email protected]
Artist: Skunk Anansie
Album : Post Orgasmic Chill
Title : Lately

Tabbed by Mauro Da Col
[email protected]


C   E   Am   D7


C                 G
Sometimes all the moments
        Am             F
That we savour for the last
    C                   G 
Get crushed between the good and bad
     Am                F
From pressures we have had 

        C              G
But you know I can't conceive the day

     Am               F
When feelings run too high
        C           G
To work out all the stale terrain

 Am             F            D7
Emotions try to hide, when I try 


C         E            Am                D7      
Lately, I can't see to colour what we've lost

    C             E              Am               D7    
It all seems like bad means When lovers turn from lust

       F     D7           F 
Then I try - try to smoke alone 



These shattered ties with no compromise
Fall throught the fragile hell
The drinks stay sipped 'cos we've lost our grip
Too exhausted to rebel



Em   F   Am   G   

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