Sixpence None the Richer - I Need Love (Here on Earth Soundtrack)

Chords transcribed by Marek Vit ([email protected])

Intro: A - D

A	   D		    G  D     A
I left my conscience like a crying child
A                D		   G    D  A
Locked the door behind me put the pain on file
  Bm           E        Bm               E
Broken like a window I see my blindness now

F#m     Bm
I need love
	  E            A
Not some sentimental prison
F#m     Bm
I need God
           E        A
Not the political church
F#m     Bm
I need fire
              E           A
To melt this frozen sea inside me
F#m     Bm  E F#m     (D - E)
I need lo-o-o-o-ove

Driving into town tired and depressed
Like a flare the streetlight bursts into an s.o.s.
Peace comes to my rescue I don't know what it means

  E	 F#m
Ooooh, ooooooh

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