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Subject: TAB: Falling Leaves, Sixpence None The Richer

Guitar Tablature For Sixpence None The Richer /Fatherless and the Widow

Song Name: Falling Leaves

E7* = Em7-E7
D2* = D2/F# /E /D /C#
   E7*   G  A
|:[ 3 ][ / / / / ]:|

E7*				  G  A
Standing in the middle of a forest
E7*			      G  A
Basking in the glorious autumn
E7*					     G  A
Watching the leaves as they change from green
>From green to orange, yellow and brown
G    A	     D 2 D 2		 E7*  G A
I'm falling down,   I'm falling down

My emotions are deceiving me
Blinding my eyes from my nature
Robbing my quiet solitude
Of tranquility, of tranquility
I'm falling down, I'm falling down

E		D2*	     Cmaj7
Oh, let these falling leaves cover me
	D2	      E
Let me sink into the ground
Never to be, never to be found
Let me sink into the ground
D2	     E7*  G A
Never to be found

VAMP (3x)


Words and music by Matt Slocum
© 1993 Preston Publishing (ASCAP)

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