Sixpence None the Richer - Dancing Queen (ABBA Cover)
Submitted by Marek Vit

Chords from: [email protected]

E                        C#
You can dance, You can Jive
F#m7                                            B7
Having The Time Of Your Life
        D                       Bm7
Oh see that girl, Watch That Scene
Digging the dancing Queen
A                                                    D
Friday Night and The Lights Are Low
A                                            F#M7
Looking out for a place to go
E                                          Esus4
Where They Play the right music
E                              Esus4                                    E       F#m7
Getting In The Swing, Youve come to look for a king
                           A                              D                                            A
You are the Dancing Queen,Young and Sweet, Only Seventeen
A                                  D                                           Amaj7   A       Amaj7  D   A
Dancing Queen, Feel the beat from the tambourine, Oh Yeah

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