Happy – Sister Hazel
Tabbed By : Daniel Neucom – bass player of Finabah
e-mail: [email protected]

Tuning: Standard Tuning

Start of verse        These are the notes for the verse, Just do runs on these.
G|---------------   G|-------------------------------------------------------|
D|---------------   D|-------------------------------------------------------|
A|---------------   A|---------3---------------------------------------------|
E|--55-55-55-55--   E|---5-----------3-------0-------------------------------|

 Chorus                               End of song (they are 1’s)
G|-----------------------------   G|-----------------------------------------|
D|-----------------------------   D|-----------------------------------------|
A|---3-------------------------   A|----------33--------11-------------------|
E|---------3------5-----5------   E|---55-1-3-------55-----33--5-------------|

Thats basically the key notes in the song. I play it a slightly different way
when I play it. Only because I think it sounds better with runs in the chorus
rather than the verse. Any Comments E-mail me. Cheers >Daniel<

NOTE when the verse comes in and its the quiet part to the bass, just start
strumming on the G and get into the E. Also in the part where it goes quiet
except for the drums, wait a whole bar then come in strummin the verse notes
in the second bar and lead this into the solo (chorus chords).

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