Artist: Simple Plan
Song: I Won’t Be There
Album: No Pads No Helmets Just Balls

Transcribed: Nick Karnick
E-mail: [email protected]

Like many other tabs you see nowadays, this is my first attempt. I think I’ve
got it mostly correct except for a few parts where I was unsure. The last chord
in the pre-chorus for example: I’m assuming they hold it for the full 12 beats
because it makes sense with the time signature of the song, but I’m not
completely sure. Since I’m on acoustic guitar and I don’t have an effects board,
I haven’t even attempted to tab out the second guitar part. If someone out there
figures it out, I would appreciate it very much if you’d send it to me. I’ve
added the times along with the tab so you can follow along. Hope you enjoy! Send
any comments, questions or corrections to [email protected] Thanks.


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