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Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 19:32:32 -0300
From: Raphael Cunha 
Subject: TAB: Pop Song For Us Rejects by Silverchair

Author/Artist: Silverchair
Title: Pop Song For Us Rejects
Album: Freak Show
Transcribed by: Raphael Cunha
Email: [email protected]

INTRO and Verses:

     C9    /     D9  /   G    /     Em7                                       


      G         D9  (4x)                                                      


     Now I gotta dump youuuu...   Continue my life too...                     

     You died yesterday...                                                    


addiction's held you back 
but you don't care
'cause you're on a high again
and it's not fair
consuming alcohol
while i gotta drive
take a hit from the drugs you stole
and try to survive

since your life was over 
you haven't yet been sober 
you have held me back so long
everything you do is wrong

now i gotta dump you
continue my life too
i tried to help you
don't care what you do

your state of mind's improved
but we're still apart
i visited you'd moved
don't know where to start
your life's an open cold sore
got to get out the cream
now i'm thinking positive
but i know it's a dream

you died yesterday

that's all!
[email protected]

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