I've just spent an hour working out the chords, only to find this site!
The tab on here is slightly inaccurate, however, so here's my effort.  It doesn't go
into the Lydian E chords and other such colouring, but you can build that up from
the basic chords.  

Db, Gb, Absus4, Ab x3
Db, Ab-Gb, Bb

F#m	      D	Ab
Breathe in the night
          F#m	 D       Ab
That crushed a tired sunrise
F#m	D	 Ab
Born again the day
	F#m	 D   Ab  Absus4
Brings young naivetл

Ebm7	   E2	          Ebm7	
A laptop souvenir is worth its weight
   Ab/C	     B	    Ebm7
In silver a golden son
You'll be home again
	    Db/B   B
And I'll be home again

Mend in my sleep
I'm boxing under water
Waddle on the wake
F#m        D      C#m        A
Waking on a summer day
    F#m6       Ab
A summer day

Db		 Fm
After all these years
		         Ebm	Gb Ab
Forget about all the troubled times
Db		 Fm
After all these years
		         Ebm	Gb Ab
Forget about all the troubled times

Ebm, Gb, Ab

And every father's pain
Casts a shadow over a broken son
You'll be whole again
And I'll be whole again

Munificent, artless and ascetic
Playing like a scared
Enthusiastic pawn


Ab Db Gb        Ab
All      those years
Db	Gb	   Ab   Db
I was hurting to feel
Ebm    Gb      Ab	             Db
Something more than life

INTRO (x3)

Db  Ab	   Gb	 Gbm6
All those years



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