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Проигрыш: C#m F#m B 2р.

Lucky you were born that far away so 
G# (без мязинца)
So we could both make fun of distance 
Lucky that I have a foreign land for
 E                 B 
The lucky fact of your excistence 
Baby I would climb the Andes solely 
To count the freckles on your body 
Never could imagine there were only 
Too many ways to love somebody 
Lo ro lo le lo le 
Lo ro lo le lo le 
 A                       B
Can´t you see... I´m at your feet 

 C#m         A
Whenever, Wherever 
 E             B
We´re meant to be together 
 C#m                A
I´ll be there and you´ll be near 
 F#m             B
But that´s the deal my dear 
There over, your under 
You´ll never have to wonder 
We can always play by ear 
But that´s the deal my dear 

Lucky that my lips not only mumble 
They spill kisses like a fountain 
Lucky that my breats are small and humble 
So you don´t confuse them with mountains 
Lucky I have strong legs like my mother 
To run for cover when I need it 
And these two eyes are for no other 
The day you´ll leave we´ll cry a river 

Lo ro lo le lo le 
Lo ro lo le lo le 
At your feet.... I?m at your feet 

(Repeat chorus) 

Lo ro lo le lo le 
Lo ro lo le lo le 
Sink or fly.... Say it again 

Lo ro lo le lo le lo le 
Tell me one more time 
That you´ll live 
Lost in my eyes 

(Repeat chorus till the end)

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